We fight for the underdogs.

Take a Stand

We stand firmly against the “privilege only access” standards typically inherent in the gaming industry. We are here to show people who don’t have the resources and network it typically takes to make it in this industry that there is a way for them. 3D Dojo Studios can be that way.

Raise the Bar

Our team and our values raise the bar and set a new standard for the gaming industry. We are proudly leading the way in reshaping an inclusive and accessible industry to challenge other studios to step their game up.

Stronger Together

We help devs improve their skills and help aspiring devs take the right steps to find their place. We’re not just a team, we’re a community.

Press Coverage

A Message From Our Founder

Ever since I was a youngster, I have been my own man pushed into a world where I was always discriminated against, pushed to the side, told I was not good enough, and had to carry the weight of those who came before me. Regardless, I never gave up! Mainly because of those who look up to me, the folks like me, who I wish to help and save. 

I found my passion in the gaming world as a 3D Artist, but no matter how great I was, it was still not enough to get pass the barriers that chained me down and hindered my success to achieve my life ambition. 

On this journey I found that there are so many artists just like me being closed out. So, I created a community for us, something for us to call home and for gamers and game devs to come together and unite! The 3D DOJO! 

It did not stop there for me. I wanted more for us. I wanted to be the next best thing. I wanted to create my own game studio to show others how to do it the right way and to give opportunities to folks like myself. Which brings us here today. 

I am beyond proud to be the founder of 3D DOJO STUDIOS! A game studio built for and by the community.

I hope to inspire those like me, around me, to ride with me, and not just for me…. Majestic like…

Leroy Jones