Let’s build something!

3d modeling

With a team of passionate artists that can match your art style, we can provide optimized assets and stunning environments.

interior design

Let our creative expertise bring your ideas to life. CAD and construction mockups for business buildings and more in real time.


If you are looking for someone to give life to your scene, characters and creatures, our 3D Dojo team is what you are looking for. Our animators know how to give emotion and credibility to the plainest actions. In our hands, your project will come to life!

concept art

From first sketches, to iteration, all the way to promotional art, our concept art team has a passion for idea exploration. You dream it and we bring it to a concise and consistent design.


The better the rig, the better our animators will be able to focus on creativity and fluidity of movement. Our team has the technical skills and attention to detail needed to rig assets and characters that’ll make the animator’s job smooth and efficient.

character design

A character that enhances the environment and conquers the hearts of players can be a game changer. The artists at the 3D Dojo have an eye for detail and can bring high quality photorealistic or stylized characters into your project.


Good texturing can bring fantastic 3D models to a whole new level. Our skilled artists can work on a range of different styles, to match your model, and bring it that one step further.